Banqueting Suites

Specially designed for large-scale feasts, banqueting suites are the ultimate prestige statement. These magnificent venues can host events for up to a thousand guests without sacrificing their grandeur and luxury. They're the perfect venue for larger celebrations and events, being fully equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound technology.

Banqueting suites can meet any expectation, acting as platforms on which to model your own ideas or as blank canvases on which to paint your dream celebration.

Mai'da is one of the few catering services that can boast its own banqueting suite; our Blackburn restaurant offers a suite designed to host events for up to six hundred people, and being situated in the heart of one of our most successful businesses, you can be assured that feasting with Mai'da will be an unforgettable, groundbreaking experience.

Maida Banqueting Suite

Diamond Suite:
400 guests on round tables of 10

Ruby Suite:
60 guests on tables of 6 to 8

Ante - Ruby Suite:
60 - 70 guests on tables of 4 to 10

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