Dressing a venue takes more than hanging banners and balloons; we'll transform any location, be it home or further afield, from bare-bones to contemporary glamour. Tables will have their centre-pieces, seating will be draped with the finest fabrics, the room will be decked with any decoration imaginable including lights, garlands and exquisite drapery. Everything will be designed according to your choice of colour and theme.

There's no need to be restricted by traditional displays of decoration either. Why not embellish your venue with the latest in contemporary art? You can even take a leaf from William and Kate's book and bring nature right into the heart of your celebration.

Table design and Centre Pieces

Guests will spend a lot of their time seated at their tables so it is essential to provide the best surroundings possible to make them feel at ease. Everything will have an impact on your guest's impressions: the linen, the dining set, glassware and cutlery, and most importantly, the centre piece.

Table decor is just as creative as designing the overall theme for your event, so don't feel inhibited by traditional models of decoration. Chairs will be provided with coordinated covers and throws to provide comfort and atmosphere whilst linking in the theme of the celebrations. Your centre pieces can display exotic fresh flowers, contemporary art sculptures, and even water features complete with their own array of tropical fish.

To create superior effects, we can match linen and interior decor to complement the colour of bridal wear, a technique that not only lends magnificent consistency but also induces an intimate and personal atmosphere to the whole celebration.

Table Service

Mai'da can supply a multitude of serving methods, each individually designed to suit the table they are made for.

Lazy Susans, rotating glass plates, are ideal for elegant bowl service which allows your guests to pick and choose from a medley of delicious nibbles. These beautiful serving plates can become all the more special when cut from crystal, containing lights and custom holders for bowls and drinks.

Karahi stands, structures crafted from the finest quality brass, can provide an authentic feel to a table service, adorned with candles and fresh flowers as well as our best selection of your chosen cuisine.

Head Table

The top table is an important element of any event, acting as a focal point for the hosts and in the case of weddings, a place of honour for your loved ones. Not only that, these head places are design for you, making you the centre of attention for the night.

With such an important function, it's essential that the decoration be handled with care to ensure that it remains consistent with the style of the event but at the same time, displays key aesthetic details that distinguish it as the centre of everyone's attention.


Colour can say so much about who we are and how we feel. Venue decor is crucial in presenting the right impression to your guests as well as setting the ideal mood for the event; Mai'da are experts when it comes to creating the ideal colour and structural combinations to dress your venue, transforming a fresh canvas into your dream setting.

We like to work closely with our clients in this process so don't hesitate if you have ideas about how you'd like your venue to be decorated. Even if you have a single favourite photo or a whole portfolio of colours, textures and images, we want to help take those ideas and make them reality for you.


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